Contraseña: Your Password to Foundational Spanish 6.0

Gillian Lord, University of Florida
Amy Rossomondo, University of Kansas
Jennifer Vojtko Rubí, Director of Learning & Development, LingroLearning (Units 19-24)


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“We are inspired by the strong belief that effective language study can and should play a transformative role in our students’ higher educational experiences.”
Gillian Lord and Amy Rossomondo, Authors

Superior learning. Easier course set up. Faster grading. Better value. Contraseña is a groundbreaking, affordable, digitally native Elementary and Intermediate Spanish program that helps build deeper connections so you and your students can achieve powerful outcomes.


  • Achievable goals, clearly articulated
  • Rich language input prompts meaningful communication
  • Media-rich instruction and contextualized purposeful practice
  • Cross-culturally Informed  
  • Project-Based Assessments as Enhanced IPAs in a social learning environment



  • Inspired by the tenets of text-driven language learning, active learning, and learning strategies, students develop their ability to interact meaningfully in Spanish, as they are exposed to increasingly sophisticated and realistic language.
  • Organized around the principles of backward design, Contraseña features project-based assessment (ePortfolios) that measure clearly delineated learning objectives. Students gain valuable insight into their learning throughout the program.
  • Using a social pedagogies model, students interact and collaborate to build community, learn from each other, and to explore the vital role of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures in the world today.
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Proyectos/Social Learning


Students are taking risks and speaking like never before. They are more open than they have ever been and are getting further faster. Contraseña has made my life easier.” 
Jeremías Zunguze, University of North Carolina, Asheville

“Different from any Spanish class I’ve had before!”
wmallo2, Louisiana State University


“Los videos son muy coloridos y ayudan a los estudiantes a crear conexiones entre lo que están viendo y lo que están aprendiendo creando así niveles más altos de retención del idioma.”
Leydi Ahumada, California State University, Long Beach


“Contraseña drives students to think beyond their own immediate surroundings and personal experiences and encourages them to understand how their cultural beliefs fit into the world around them.”
from the Authors



“My students’ projects this semester are just incredible. They are learning and thinking and talking about profoundly relevant and meaningful subjects – all of which just happens to be happening in Spanish. I’m getting to know them far better than I would have imagined possible…”
Kim Borchard, Randolph Macon College

“The proyectos helped me to build a supportive community of learners, which is particularly noteworthy in my fully online sections”
Michael Patrick Fehily, University of South Florida


“The greatest value as a Coordinator has been the ease of communication and response time from LingroLearning. Instructor Support has been above and beyond what I expected.”
Jennifer Vojtko Rubí, University of Cincinnati

“Amazing! You guys are seriously the best. Working with y’all is an absolute dream.”
Matthew Barrile, Ohio University

Backward Design
LingroFolio and Social Learning


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