Contraseña: Your Password to Foundational Spanish 3.0

Gillian Lord, University of Florida
Amy Rossomondo, University of Kansas

Unlock the Spanish-speaking world. Unleash potential.

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Contraseña enables students to build the foundational groundwork for lifelong learning in Spanish. Based on sound principles of backward design, Contraseña promotes student engagement via media-rich interactive and personalized learning experiences, transparent learning, and achievable learning goals.


In Contraseña, students access a digital course environment that offers:

  • rich language input that prompts meaningful communication
  • engaging activities, tools, strategies, and resources required to learn the language
  • a personalized yet social learning environment


The theoretical underpinnings of the program drive student success:

  • Organized around the principles of backward design, Contraseña features formative and summative assessments and eportfolios that are keyed to clearly delineated learning objectives. Students gain valuable insight into their learning throughout the program.
  • Inspired by the tenets of text-driven language learning, task-based instruction, and use of learning strategies, students develop their receptive and productive skills as they are exposed to increasingly sophisticated and realistic language.
  • Using a social networking model, students interact and collaborate to build community and to explore the vital role of the Spanish language and Hispanic cultures in the world today.
The LingroHub Advantage
  • Built for how today’s students learn
  • Provides personalized guidance to students through topics on which they need additional support
  • Includes analytics to provide insight into student engagement and learning progress
  • Incorporates assessment tools specific to language learning, including what is media-rich interactives, auto-graded assessments with an array of activity types; virtual office hours with synchronous audio and video
  • Provides turnkey integration with all major learning management systems: Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, Schoology, and Moodle
  • Provides integrated access to LinguaMeeting, a premier native-speaker coaching service, for an additional fee per session. Enrich any language course by giving students access to group practice designed specifically for Contraseña.

I absolutely love this application! [It] includes features for all different learning styles. I believe this application displays all the information a textbook would, but in a more enjoyable way. Student, Rowan University

I liked the easy interface of the application, because a learning application shouldn’t have a learning curve just to run the thing.  Student, St. Cloud State University.

It was easy to do part of the work on my laptop and part on a tablet without having to re-download anything.  Student, Bradley University


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