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Proyecto 2: ¿Quién eres tú? Using Conversaciones en la universidad as a model, you will write questions and then interview a Spanish speaker.

Duyen, Senior, International Relations
Brandon, Sophomore, Marketing​
Phil, Retiree, Continuing Education Online​

Proyecto 3: Mi horario. Create your calendar using the template provided Then, write a paragraph of about 75-100 words describing some of your activities this week.

Chela, n/a, Undeclared

Proyecto 5: Mi carta de nominación. Write a formal letter of about 100-150 words nominating a person you admire for the “Premio a la mejor persona.”

Samantha, Senior, Nursing
Claire, Junior, Business Analytics

Proyecto 4: Mi universidad. Create a two-minute video describing at least three favorite places on campus and/or where you live and study.

Proyecto 6: Mi familia. Create a three-minute audio or video describing your family with at least five family members, including yourself.

Proyecto 12: Mi destino ecoturístico favorito. Create a three-minute video describing a trip, either imaginary or real, to an ecotourism destination.

Brian, Freshman, Economics
Jaiden, Sophomore, Biomedical Sciences
Rina, Freshman, Undeclared

Proyecto 7: Un club deportivo estudiantil. Create an ad of about 150 words to promote fitness with the sport you would like to feature.

Jordan, Freshman, Undeclared

Proyecto 9: Una infografía. Create an infographic of at least 150 words advocating for an aspect of mental or physical well-being.

Jordan, Freshman, Biomedical Sciences

Proyecto 13-1 La historia de Finita. Write a paragraph of at least 125 words describing Finita’s experiences as an immigrant, keeping in mind what you have learned about immigration patterns in the Spanish-speaking world, and what you have discussed about immigration with your classmates.

Kathryn Wadley

Proyecto 8 #AyerComí. Create a three-minute video describing the meal you made or ate in order to participate in the #AyerComí food challenge.

John, Sophomore, Kinesiology
Lucas, Freshman, Biology
Dylan, Sophomore, Health Sciences

Proyecto 16: Un malentendido. Create a text message dialogue of about 75-100 words between two people about future plans where a miscommunication leads to a misunderstanding. Then, create a two-minute video of yourself with a partner, performing face to face the same dialogue you wrote as text message. Include a misunderstanding that is resolved.

Proyecto 18: El poema y su análisis. Create an audio or video recording performing the poem you chose. Then, write a commentary of at least 250 words analyzing the poem, based on guided questions studied in this unit.

Jonathan, Junior, Mathematics and Psychology
Diji, Freshman, Neuroscience
Emilee, Sophomore, Politics & International Affairs
Proyecto 17: Mi identidad y los estereotipos. Create a two-minute video describing where you are from and how you think people from your community can be described. Then, write an essay of about 200 words on stereotype you and/or others have experienced and how to debunk them.

Proyecto 19: Experiencias transformadoras. Crea un video de tres minutos en el que relatas un momento transformador en tu vida. Presta atención al tono de voz y al lenguaje corporal. Escribe un resumen de 300 palabras sobre el texto Viaje a la universidad.

Proyecto 21: Las costumbres y tradiciones populares. Crea un video de tres minutos para describir una costumbre o tradición típica que se celebra en la cultura hispana entre familia y amigos. Desarolla un cuento de 300 palabras que se basa en la costumbre o tradición que investigaste sobre el mundo hispano.

Nicole, Senior, Japanese Studies
Jennifer, Junior, Molecular Biology
Cullin, Freshman, Undeclared​