Contraseña Conversations Virtual Faculty Workshops

Take a Risk! You can always go back!

Over the past 20 years, language teaching has been transformed to reflect a stronger emphasis on language use in an effort to develop students’ communicative competence. In addition, as learners return to classrooms after two years of hybrid and remote teaching, language instructors are continuing to seek out ways to inspire learners both within and beyond the academy. Join us for the Spring 2023 Conversation Series as instructors from around the country share how they are transforming their introductory and intermediate Spanish programs.

CONVERSATION 1: best practices for online teaching 

  • Katherine Brooke, Texas Tech University 
  • Juan Godoy, University of Cincinnati 
  • Crystal Marull, University of Florida

Interest in asynchronous language courses has grown exponentially and carries with it new challenges, especially ensuring sufficient opportunities for production of meaningful output and interaction. Join three online instructors for a conversation about how they have embraced the surge of student interest and transformed their asynchronous online programs with program design, new tools and resources, and unanticipated takeaways they are applying to the F2F modality.


CONVERSATION 2: Aligning assessments

  • Deb Dougherty, Alma College
  • Jennifer Feldman, Emory University
  • Julie Nelson, Auburn University

Tired of so much grading? Are you considering ways to better assess your students’ progress at the introductory and intermediate levels? Implementing project-based assessment, students create motivating, personalized and meaningful projects that allow them to showcase their language skills, and subsequently reflect on their learning. Join our panelists as they share their experiences implementing project-based assessment in their elementary and intermediate Spanish programs.


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