The LINGROHUB Advantage

  • Built for how today’s students learn
  • Provides personalized guidance to students through topics on which they need additional support
  • Includes analytics to provide insight into student engagement and learning progress 
  • Incorporates assessment tools specific to language learning, including what is media-rich interactives, auto-graded assessments with an array of activity types; virtual office hours with synchronous audio and video
  • Provides turnkey integration with all major learning management systems: Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace, Schoology, and Moodle

Questions About LINGROHUB?


I absolutely love this application! [It] includes features for all different learning styles. I believe this application displays all the information a textbook would, but in a more enjoyable way.

Student, Rowan University

I liked the easy interface of the application, because a learning application shouldn’t have a learning curve just to run the thing.

Student, St. Cloud State University

It was easy to do part of the work on my laptop and part on a tablet without having to re-download anything.

Student, Bradley University