Our Story

On a beautiful May evening in 2016, five former colleagues gathered to eat, drink, and ponder, “What if…?”  What if we took our passion for language learning and knowledge for language learning ̶̶  developed while working together for many years ̶̶  and started a new company…  What if…

Mid-July, on a Google Hangout spanning two continents and multiple states, our “What ifs…?” turned into “Yes, but…” Yes. But, would it be it possible to build a company that married sound principles of second language acquisition with the latest in personal, social, and mobile learning, one that truly engaged learners and instructors in dynamic new ways? A company that focused exclusively on digital language learning materials?

But, but, but…

We realized our passion for language learning, excitement about benefits of apps and gaming for language education, and determination to put our combined experience and expertise to good use outweighed all other considerations. By September 2016, only one thought remained. “Let’s go!”

Within a year, we had signed on to be colleagues once again, quickly organizing ourselves into roles that have served us well in our world language careers. Shortly thereafter, we expanded the founding team.


Samantha Alducin

VP Interactive Learning

Steve Debow


Scott Gravina

Bob Hemmer


Denise Miller

VP Digital Content