Introducción a la lingüística española 3.1

formerly published by Pearson Education

Milton M. Azevedo, Professor Emeritus, University of California, Berkeley

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LingroLearning is delighted to announce the August 2021 release of Milton Azevedo’s Introducción a la lingüística española 3.1, formerly published by Pearson, and popular in a wide range of Spanish linguistics courses across North America. Value–priced and now delivered completely digitally on LingroHub, the course provides a systematic overview of key areas of the field, including the sound system, forms of words, syntactic patterns, the development of the language, and regional, social, and contextual variation. 

Written entirely in Spanish from the viewpoint of contemporary descriptive linguistics, it employs a flexible theoretical approach that incorporates trends from different schools of linguistics as well as the most recently published research.


Flexible Theoretical Approach. Discusses key areas of linguistics, articulating them in clear terms for students unfamiliar with the field, and providing a broad, balanced introductory view of Spanish Linguistics.

Written Entirely in Spanish. The text and its practice exercises are accessible to students of Spanish.

Extensive Discussion and Practice Materials. The Lingro Edition includes all content,  text activities and Workbook exercises on a single page for each numbered section to facilitate ease of use and putting concepts into immediate action.

The LingroHub platform

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  1. La lengua española en el mundo
  2. Lenguaje, lenguas y lingüística
  3. Fonética: Los sonidos del habla
  4. Fonología: Los fonemas del español
  5. Morfología: Forma y función de las palabras
  6. Sintaxis I: La estructura de las oraciones
  7. Sintaxis II: Algunas estructuras específicas
  8. Variación temporal
  9. Variación regional
  10. Variación social
  11. Variación contextual
  12. El español en los Estados Unidos

Every unit includes: Términos clave, Mitos sobre el lenguaje, Sumario, Práctica, Temas para profundizar, Principales fuentes consultadas, Sugerencias para lectura, Notas.