Acceso Hub: Forma y función

Amy Rossomondo, University of Kansas
Javier Barroso, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Acceso Hub: Forma y función is designed to be used in conjunction with Acceso, an open educational resource for Intermediate Spanish created at the University of Kansas, for programs where an additional focus on vocabulary and grammar practice is called for. Acceso Hub: Forma y función provides both instructor- and self-graded activities and a gradebook, which are accessible from laptops, tablets or SmartPhones iOS or Android. Acceso Hub: Forma y función can be integrated with all major course management system providing single sign-on and gradebook integration.

All course content, except for these specific activities, is accessible from KU. Please see the Acceso website for details, including links for more information.


Unidad 1: Estados Unidos

Unidad 2: España

Unidad 3: El Caribe

Unidad 4: México

Unidad 5: Centroamérica

Unidad 6: Sudamérica I

Unidad 7: Sudamérica II

Unidad 8: Sudamérica III