LingroLearning officially launches LingroToGo!

We are very proud to officially launch the first version LingroToGo today! Created in collaboration with the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) at the University of Oregon, LingroToGo provides an exciting new game-based approach to language learning.

Download it today on the App Store!

How You Play

  • Jump right in! Lingbot introduces you to the app and gets you going!
  • Go for the gold, earning coins and XP to level up and unlock new content.
  • Watch videos, then play games. Or play games, then watch videos. It’s completely up to you to pick the topics, the tasks, and the way you learn best.

How You Learn

  • Play to learn! With LingroToGo, game play is the learning experience, not just a way to practice.
  • Through gameplay, you are empowered to tolerate the ambiguity needed for good language learning and are rewarded for time on task, accuracy, speed, and problem solving abilities.
  • Engage in deep thinking, helping to create the automaticity needed for greater fluency in the target language.
  • Have fun! LingroToGo is designed to make time devoted to learning as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Happy learning!